Red Giant Entertainment, Inc., is an Intellectual Property development transmedia company. That means we create and develop concepts applicable across comics, books, cartoons, TV shows, movies, toys, apparel, and beyond.

We appreciate creativity and talent; otherwise, we wouldn't be here. That said, we appreciate professionalism just as much. So an intelligently-prepared submission will get reviewed. IF YOU IGNORE THESE RULES, WE WILL LIKELY IGNORE YOUR SUBMISSION. Are we clear?

So here are the rules:

* Unless we specifically ask you to snail-mail something to us -- a printed book, a flash drive, bribes -- submit your work to us at We're well into the 21st Century, and our creators around the world send files digitally. So there's no need to worry about shipping us samples by snail mail, UPS, Fed Ex, carrier pigeon, or strapped to the back of a camel.

* When submitting .jpgs by Email, LABEL YOUR FILES PROPERLY. This means putting your NAME, the SERIES you're submitting, the TYPE OF WORK (art, color, lettering) you're submitting, whether the work is published or just a sample, and WHAT PAGE NUMBER in the sequence you're submitting. If you submit something like art1.jpg, that tells us you don't care about your work enough to identify yourself or anything about it, so we're not going to care, either. Fair enough? Label it along the lines of DazoTESLApencilsample1of5.jpg, and we'll all be happy. If you're submitting a .pdf of your work, then something like NigelSmithArtPortfolio2014.pdf works just fine. Portfolio.pdf? Not so much; watch how fast we hit "delete."

* DO NOT send us links instead of your samples, although it is OK to include links IN ADDITION TO your samples. We're not interested in checking your deviantart site to see your high school yearbook art or anything else unrelated to your actual submission to us.

* Include a COVER LETTER. Your name, your address, your credits if any, what you're submitting, and why.

* Before you send us anything -- concept or story or art or lettering or covers -- download, fill out, and sign the RED GIANT SUBMISSION FORM. You'll find it right HERE!

Read it. Learn it. Understand it. Also note that Red Giant does not review any unsolicited story concepts, ideas, proposals, or scripts for properties we already publish, or any property not owned by the person/agent submitting it. Such material will be tossed/deleted without review.


WRITERS: Please send us an Email outlining your writing accomplishments/experience and why you hope to write for Red Giant Entertainment. If you interest us, we'll let you know and ask you to submit something; even so, if you neglect to include the Red Giant Submission Form mentioned above, we'll delete it unread. Do not send ideas, proposals, or scripts for books we're already publishing; the creators of those properties have their own ideas, thank you. If you bombard us with Email or calls to check up on your submission, it will got to the bottom of the pile or get tossed. If we want to hire you, we'll let you know.

ARTISTS: Five to 10 pages of sample artwork is plenty.

PENCILERS: If you pencil, just send pencils of your sequential pages and maybe, just maybe, a cover or two if you're good enough. Don't send inks, letters, or colors if you're trying to sell us your pencilling skills. Most artists shoot from pencils or do work digitally on a Cintiq, anyway.

INKERS: Submit .jpgs of the pencils you inked as well as the inks, for comparison purposes. It's best to show inks over more than one professional penciller. Don't ink amateur samples.

COLORISTS: Send us sequential samples over PROFESSIONAL artwork, not amateur or semi-professional stuff; such art files are easily found online. If you're tempted to send us a bunch of pinups? Don't. Only 5% of a colorist's actual assignments tend to be covers or pinups, so only 5% of your portfolio should reflect that.

COVER PAINTERS: We welcome traditional and digital painters. We especially encourage artists who can tell a story with their covers, rather than just show mannequins posing.

PLEASE BE AWARE that our job is to find the BEST POSSIBLE PEOPLE to create for us. If you're GREAT enough, and there's a freelance opportunity you fit into, we may offer you work. If you get no response, we weren't moved by what you submitted; you are certainly welcome to submit something new. If we respond with a simple, "Your work is not at the level we're looking for," that's exactly what we mean. If you're close to what we want and ask for revisions on your samples, we expect to see those revisions made promptly to see how well you work with an editor.

WE ARE NOT HERE TO TEACH YOU. If you write back asking for more explanations or details of what wasn't good enough, that means you're not developed enough to spot it for yourself -- and we're too busy putting out books with professionals at the helm to spend that time teaching you. There are books for that. There are schools for that. There are agents for that.

NOTICE: Submitter acknowledges that Red Giant Entertainment may have independently developed or been informed of ideas or themes similar or identical to those contained in your submission, and we have no obligation to you whatsoever except as may be set forth in a subsequent written agreement between Red Giant Entertainment and submitter.